Skin whitening remedies

 Skin whitening remedies

Skin whitening remedies

Not everyone is blessed with fair and indefectible skin. While our skin naturally produces a color called melanin that gives it its color, it's the external factors similar as heat, pollution and bacteria that add to the melanin product, causing your skin to develop a tan. 

 Changing the quantum of melanin naturally present in the skin is delicate. But there are fool- evidence ways to get relieve of tan and saturation caused due to overexposure of sun and other factors similar as stress as well asover-use of makeup products. We're talking about skin decolorizing home remedies that's sure to help you revive the gleam! If you ’re looking to fade, lighten or cheer your complexion, also look no further than your kitchen shelves. Because that’s where you ’ll find utmost of the constituents that help ameliorate the texture of your skin. Below are a many skin decolorizing home remedies to inculcate in your regular skin care authority

Lemon juice + Honey + Milk

Skin whitening remedies

Step 1: Mix together one tablespoon milk, one teaspoon honey and one tablespoon lemon juice

Step 2: Apply the mixture on your cleansed face

Step 3: Let the mixture sit on your face for about 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water


Its natural bleaching properties is what make lemon juice one of the best skin whitening home remedies. A lemon juice-infused face pack is sure to make your skin a few shades lighter. From skin brightening and reducing the appearance of dark spots to treating freckles and oily skin, lemon juice is gold for your skin. Honey on the other is an elixir for skin problems. Its anti-bacterial properties help fade scars and pigmentation thereby leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

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