Punjab public service commission pakistan

 Punjab Public Service Commission (Pakistan)

Punjab public service commission pakistan


The Punjab Public Service Commission, established in April 1937, is the oldest Provincial Public Service Commission of Pakistan. It was established under the Punjab Public Service Commission Ordinance, 1978 and presently It's performing in agreement with the dimension of Punjab Public Service Commission Ordinance, 1978 and Punjab Public Service Commission ( Functions) Rules, 1979. (1) 


Elect and recommend suitable campaigners through a merit- grounded, transparent and ready process to promote excellence, professionalism and capability in the Punjab Public Service and render advice to Government. 


To establish a competent, effective, professional and responsive Public Service to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century 
. To act without fear or favor icing functional independence, political impartiality, responsibility and integrity. 
 To uphold norms, programs, guidelines and rules governing selection processes; 
. To develop and apply rule- grounded selection criteria and processes to insure fair and equal- occasion to all campaigners 

To render advice to the Government, where necessary, on programs, styles of reclamation, selection criteria and processes, to insure effective selection process and to attract stylish possible mortal resource for colorful posts. 


To conduct tests, examinations and interviews for reclamation to-
. Similar Provincial Services and posts connected with the affairs of the Province, as may be specified; and 
. Similar posts in or under a Corporation or other body or association set up by Government under any law, as may be specified; 
. To advise the Government on similar matters as may be specified relating to the terms and conditions of service of persons who are members of a Provincial Service or hold posts in connection with the affairs of the Province. 
 Similar other functions as may be specified. 

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