Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

Lesson 1

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

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This is an citation of our Lesson 1. Some slices of this involvement may be a touch different from the online example and is envisioned to be an instance of how our educations are set out, with examples of questionnaires, exercises, transcriptions etc.,

This lesson shelters the Teeline script and how to join letters composed. You will learn some short forms named 'special outlines'. These are easier ways of script outlines that occur frequently in the English language. There are fairly a few in each lesson and the more you learn the faster you'll be able to write. Though, once you've educated the very mutual ones, you can be discerning and learn only those you think you'll use habitually. It's improved to learn a few that will come to attention automatically than study lots, not so well.

This lesson comprises exercises, drills, a quiz and videos to help study this part of the theory. Do not feel you need to do all. They are there so you have a diversity of learning tools and choice. However, you must complete the three-part task at the bottommost of the page as this joins all the theory in the message and tests your record ability and speed already you move on to the succeeding lesson.

Suggested timetable

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

 The suggested timetable below will enable you to complete this lesson in 1 week. This is purely optional, you can, of course, work to your own timescales.


By the finish of Lesson One you must be intelligent to write the literatures of the ABC, counting extra 'combination characters', and the unusual outlines, quickly then easily from reminiscence.


Writing in Teeline - unnecessary letters

As stated before, unnecessary vowels and consonants are absent and arguments can still be recite easily. The gist of the ruling will help. A vowel that is announced at the start and end of a term must be printed.


Exercise 1

Teeline letters are taken from the document letters either wealth or small presentations. They keep the similar positions as in text at the pre-lunch of a word i.e. G, J, P and Q go done the line and T is on paper on or just above the line in lieu of the irritated stroke of a capital T. Other literatures are positioned on the line.


 Teeline literatures are the same scopes as in document. Vowels are subordinate than the consonants. Nearby are two acts of each vowel called the full vowel and the index. Vowels will be protected in extra detail latterly and are used in this project only for special skeletons.

The projectile next to the letters shows the way they should be written. Infrequently, two performances of the same letter are shown. The first interpretation is more common and the second is used to make it calmer to join to other letters.


 Now have a look at the first half of the ABC.

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan1

The worksheets

Free Online Shorthand Classes in Multan

The questionnaires are intended to help you write assuredly and quickly in Teeline and learn the new cultures. You need to copy the written Teeline right onto the quiz as smoothly as you can, axiom the letter or cultivations over in your mind as you carve.

Beforehand you begin Questionnaire One, familiarize by hand with the ABC. Complete the worksheet and then test manually again to see if you know the alphabet carefully.

You can transfer the worksheets by snapping on the copy and sending it to a copier. If you do not have a printer obtainable, copy the worksheet on to lined paper, sendoff spare lines below (about 3 additional lines) to write your own Teeline.


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