Fia Jobs 2021

 Federal Investigation Agency

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Fia Jobs 2021

The Federal Investigation Agency (Urdu وفاقی تحقیقاتی ادارہ; reporting name FIA) is a border control, felonious disquisition,counter-intelligence and security agency under the control of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan, assigned with investigative governance on undertaking operations against terrorism, spying, civil crimes, smuggling as well as violation and other specific crimes. 
 Codified under the Constitution of Pakistan in 1974, the institution functions under the Ministry of Interior (MoI). The FIA also undertakes transnational operations with the close co-operation and collaboration of Interpol. Headquartered in Islamabad, the agency has colorful branch and field services located in all major metropolises throughout Pakistan. 

Objectives and Mission Statements

The FIA's main thing and precedence is to cover the nation's interests and defend Pakistan, to uphold and apply felonious law, and law enforcement in the country. Its current charge statement is 
 1. To achieve excellence in FIA by promoting a culture of merit 2. Furnishing nonstop professional training 3. Icing effective internal responsibility 4. Encouraging use of technology and having a meaningful feedback medium. 
— Mission Statement of FIA, source 

Departments & Priorities of FIA

As of 2021, FIA has 11 active departments to lead felonious charges and disquisition, with precedences 
  • Anti-Corruption 
  •  Anti Human Trafficking and Smuggling 
  • Counter-Terrorism 
  •  Economic Crime 
  •  Electricity, Gas, Canvas Anti Theft Unit 
  • . FIA Academy 
  • Immigration 
  •  Interpol 
  •  Intellectual Property Rights 
  •  Integrated Border Management System 
  • National Response Center For Cyber Crimes 


  • Counter-terrorism Wing (CTW) — Assigned to cover Pakistan from all kinds of terrorist attacks, including cyber, bioterrorism, chemical, electronic and nuclear terrorism ( seecounter-terrorism). 
  • Anti-Corruption Wing (ACW) — Assigned with undertaking examinations and combat all public corruption at all situations of command ( see also NAB).
  •  Economic Crime Wing (ECW) — Accreditation to cover Pakistan from profitable terrorism and protection of intellectual property rights of the people. ( see also Profitable terrorism). 
  •  Immigration Wing (IW) — Combat mortal trafficking conditioning and repel illegal immigration in Pakistan.
  •  Specialized Wing (TW) — Assigned to make sweats to cover Pakistan against foreign intelligence operations and spying ( see intelligence and counterproliferation) as well as using scientific backing to resolve high-technology crimes. 
  •  Legal Branch (LB) — Responsible to give legal guidance in all executive and functional matters as well as protect civil rights. 
  •  National Central Bureau (NCB) — Assigned to combat international/ public felonious organisations and enterprises ( see organised crime) with backing from Interpol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 
  •  Anti Trafficking Unit (ATU) — Assigned to combat major violent crimes, to insure country-wide content of mortal trafficking, as well as to help and cover the victims of trafficking. 

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